DOMINO SET in Dark grey Leather Croc tote wooden case - Manopoulos


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Domino Set in  Dark grey Leather Croc tote wooden case.

The box is crafted from wood and fine grey leatherette on top giving a unique touch of elegance. Within the box are twenty eight premium quality domino tiles with smooth finish and rounded corners.The box is crafted in our workshop in Greece and has velour interior.

Simple yet elegant; our collection of Domino Sets are all you need for an evening of fun with friends.


  • Dominoes tiles 5,2x2,7x1cm
  • Wooden case 24x17cm
  • Dark grey Leather Croc tote wooden case
Dimensions: Coming Soon...
  • Wooden case: Wood / Leather
  • Dominoes tiles: Acrylic / Resin composite

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