LABOURS OF HERCULES CHESS SET with gold/silver chessmen and bronze chessboard 36 x 36cm (Medium) - Manopoulos


The legend

Hercules (Pawn), the greatest hero of mythology, is often depicted wearing the lion skin from his first labor. Zeus (King), his father and King of Gods stands almighty with his thunderbolt in hand. Athena (Queen), armed defender of justice, always protected Hercules. Apollo (Bishop) took part in the Battle of the Giants. Centaur (Knight) kidnapped Hercules’s wife, so the hero killed him to save her. Ironically, years later it was his poisonous blood that caused Hercules death.
  • Wooden case with storage
  • Manopoulos gift box
Dimensions of the Board Coming Soon...
Weight of set 3.4 Kg
  • Chessboard: Brass
  • Chessmen: Zinc Alloy 5
  • Wooden case: Laminated wood

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